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How to install the Game?

Psycho-Doom is Mu Origin 2 Version 8.1.201851217 (MuOnline Mobile version)

Break through the graphic limits of 3D MMORPG
Create & Define MMORPG
No reason to miss! Install RIGHT NOW!

MU ORIGIN 2 brings you the legendary MU kingdom back again, inheriting the classic elements and story that has been beloved by players over 16 years and reinventing the quality and user experience/gameplay.
Let's return to the classic MU world. Hold your weapon and regain the MU kingdom.

Intense real-time PvP and cross-server battles
Live auction and unique free trade system, which supports face-to-face trade in the game exclusively
Auto exp and gear collection with idle gameplay
Battle alongside your friends and find them easily with our unique social system.

Modern visual, reconstruct lifelike MU world
Brilliant 3D graphics, gorgeous skills and outfits
Exquisite art and design

Choose from 5 Classic characters: Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Summoner and Duel Master are ready there in the future version.
Customize your character with hundreds of Items, gear, wings and fashion options.
There will be rewards for all new players!

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